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How Acquire UK/USA/Canada/AU/EU passports (+1 929-367-7910)

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asked Aug 19, 2017 in column by Paperworks (34 points)

Where to get Passports Drivers License, (+1 929-367-7910)US Greencard, Working/Residence P, ID Cards SALES http://paperworkdocuments.info and 

Buy Passports,Driver’s License, ID Cards,Visas, USA Green Card,Citizenship Doucments.Kindly email (paperworks092@gmail.com)


We print and sell perfect Grade A counterfeit banknotes of over 52 currencies. Our money is perfectly reproduced with all security features available and I assure you everything is safe and legit,

indistinguishable to the human eye and touch. We are using a method that practically replicates the real thing. All notes that have been approved, and can pass through ATM machines and 95 % percent of all tests can pass through simple tests such as the pen test and UV tests with a 100 % success rate.


High experience in this field. Authentic banknotes each bill with a different serial number ,

holograms.We have the papers (substrate) already engraved, designed front and back of the various currencies of each denomination.


All notes will pass major test like ultra violet light (uv), pen test (iodine test) and many more fake money detection test in existence.


We send your order in various sizes, packed and hidden.we have a huge quantity ready in stock.Delivery is discreet and guaranteed to any location.

The delivery is by Courier service, it takes 2-5 days to be discreetly delivered depending on your location.


Orders will be packaged with a serial seal to make sure that the banknotes are protected from damage, leakage, loss or inspection by airport authorities. Very safe and secure for the deliverance of your order.


Price rate is at 10% the required amount.


This bills are not home made but industrial and professional manufacturing. From High Quality IT techinicians from US,Russia,Korea and China We offer high quality COUNTERFEIT NOTES for the following currencies;


EUR - Euro

USD - US Dollar


GBP - British Pound

INR - Indian Rupee

AUD - Australian Dollar

CAD - Canadian Dollar

AED - Emirati Dirham

ZAR - Rand

CHF - Swiss Franc

CNY - Chinese Yuan Renminbi

MYR - Malaysian Ringgit

THB - Thai Baht

NZD - New Zealand Dollar

SAR - Saudi Arabian Riyal

QAR - Qatari Riya


Though intangible, yet quality can be clearly felt by our customers in every business operation. A separate team of quality auditors has been appointed to keep an eye on the implementation, through quality policies. They ensure that all authentic credentials are prepared to ensure trouble free transportation of the consignment. Our quality auditors also study the transportation environment and the technical aspects so that our quality standards are augmented and our customers are treated in a better way. Our services are also in compliance with Custom Tariff, Act & Procedures.


Every policy and business term in our firm is client centric. Hence, our customers have shown faith in our business processes and given us incredible response. Owing to our efforts, we are growing every day in terms of quality and customer base. We understand that a single delay from our end may result in hefty losses to the customers. Hence, we take meticulous steps to ensure time bound delivery of consignments. The excellent network of offices and agents comprises professionals who cater to every requirement of the customers. We work 24X7 and provide authentic documents for the services we offer. Owing to our rich network, custom clearance is also tainted with ease.


All our services are undertaken and executed by our efficient team, who perform their tasks with utmost dedication. They put extra effort to handle every situation during the shipment to avoid any kind of discrepancies. Our team performs their task effectively with constant co-ordination with the client. Our workforce comprises of professional from varied fields such as sales, marketing, customer service, operational experts, custom specialist and other skilled and semi-skilled personnel. Their vast experience and proficiency in their tasks have helped us in achieving our goals of providing optimized satisfaction to our clients. Our professionals constantly employ new innovative ideas that help in improvising our services.





what’s app==== +1 (863) 240 5118


Viber ======= +1 929-367-7910




skype id===live:paperworks091


we are able to produce the following items for any Country;












For more information about how we produce these documents please feel free to contact us,

Email: paperworksdocuments@gmail.com


Kindly visit our website http://paperworkdocuments.info


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